Fee Schedule Sample

What is a published fee schedule? What should I send?

A published fee schedule is a document the bank, broker, or RIA provides that lays out the schedule of fees that you will be paying. Unlike a statement or invoice that includes personal information such as your name, assets, and the fee amount, the published schedule is a generic document. Please see the picture below for an example of a published schedule.

There should be NO PERSONAL INFORMATION on the published fee schedule. Note that published schedules may be as short as 1 page or as long as 100 pages.


  • Question: My schedule is 50 pages long. Do I need to send the whole thing?
  • WealthPrices Answer: If it is already in electronic form, please send the entire document. If you only have a paper copy and plan to scan and email it, just scan the pages that include the fee schedule rates as well as any footnotes about the fees that will be charged.

Sample Bank USA

Wealth Management
Fee Schedule

Sample Bank USA’s goal is to help you understand what a typical published fee schedule might look like. A real bank would probably have a description of their services and some value proposition mumbo jumbo here. We can promise you will never lose money with us, because we are just a sample bank and we don’t exist. Still, we have a fee schedule, although it’s not real.

Agency, IRA, and Revocable Trust

Annual Fee Based on Value of Managed Assets

 Market ValueAnnual Rate
First  2,000,0001.40%
Next  3,000,0001.00%
Next  5,000,0000.85%

Minimum Annual Fee $10,000
  • Sample Bank USA receives additional compensation for investments held in the bank’s SampleFund family of mutual funds. This compensation is in addition to the fees outlined above. Please refer to the mutual fund prospectus and good luck finding these fees.
  • Sample Bank USA will calculate the market value fee based on the account value as of the prior month-end. Fees will be prorated and charged periodically. Any applicable minimum fees will also be prorated and charged periodically on the same frequency, either monthly or quarterly.
  • Additional charges apply for Tax, Real Estate, and transactions carried out by Sample Bank USA. Please refer to the Schedule of Extra Stuff We Charge for a list of these fees.
  • When unusual or extraordinary services are required, a reasonable additional hourly rate will be charged.
  • Investment Management Expenses for separately managed accounts depend on the specific managers selected and will be shown on your account statement.