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Many of us are concerned with
investment prices
. These can be wealth prices, broker prices, robo prices. Many are concerned about the cost of
investment management
. This site lets you
compare investment fees
to other money
management fees
. At, we want to harness the power of the consumer to help understand the world of fees for
investment services
. Our goal is to provide a site that you can use to:  
  • Compare the prices you are paying or have been quoted with the prices others are paying for a similar level of service
  • Learn more about the choices you have in types of
    investment services
    and pricing considerations.
investment management
you get what you don’t pay for. Is this you? Are you paying high
investment fees
? Join your peers and compare
investment fees
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Who We Are:

Wealth Prices is built by professionals who have studied fees for
investment services
. We want to build the best database of crowd-sourced pricing information and make that available to you, the investor.

Price Comparisons*:

How do you
compare investment prices
compare wealth management prices
, and compare money
management prices
? We think the best solution is for you to post to a web site for crowd sourced
investment costs
. Remember that you can enter trust fees, IRA fees, registered
investment advisor fees
. The site lets you see IRA prices, and registered
investment advisor prices
. See trust costs, IRA costs, and broker costs as reported by your peers. This is a free source for price comparison for wealth, trust, broker, and
investment management prices

What will you pay someone to manage some or all of your money? This person, or firm, will choose
for you either on their own, or subject to your approval.

*For the money you manage yourself, usually in custody or brokerage accounts, we do not show prices.
Think of this as an
investment price
resource. You can review
wealth management
costs, review
investment costs
, review money management costs. How do robo-advisor fees compare to full service broker fees? You will find the comparison here. Are trust fees a good deal? Should you pay high
investment fees
for better performance? How do you measure
investment fees
? If you are concerned about money management prices, this site is for you.
What are the hidden fees? The prices on this website do not include certain other fees. If your account holds mutual funds or exchange traded funds (ETF’s), you need to read the prospectus for each fund to tell what ...   More....

Tell me about discounts. What are they, when are they offered, and how do I get one?   In general, a discount is anything that lowers your fee to make it less than the institution’s published fee for the specific type of account or service.   More....